The 'Power Pack' in the classroom


Classroom TeachingPower Packs incorporate proven strategies used by teachers, occupational/speech therapists, learning specialists, and homeschool parents. Since the Power Pack is not a "learning system," it is flexible to fit into any curriculum as a practice tool, additional learning device, and for summer/take-home enrichment. We help you make it easy to provide the fun and rich educational experiences your students need.

Multisensory “Learning Cards” for all beginners – This pack contains four different sets of durable, reusable learning cards that will last year after year. Students can use the cards independently, and they will learn even more when guided through the simple interactive steps outlined in the “Power Pack Guide” (also included).

Integrated Teaching Guide – Each card contains a teaching key that clearly defines the learning target(s) taught, and suggests related extended learning targets (for a complete list of learning targets covered, please click here). Also included are additional practice words, as well a reference to the corresponding folder on the CD-ROM (included). This folder is filled with additional learning activities tailored to teach the specific learning targets.

Multisensory for all Learning Styles – By following a few simple steps, children experience the learning targets in multiple sensory ways. Our materials and teaching approach reach all learning styles at once, making it simple for you and optimal for your students:

Visual learners benefit from the bold, uncluttered layout, large text, and vivid photographs. They also have the opportunity to explore learning targets through drawing, personal photographs, art, collage, etc.

Auditory learners hear each word in two different ways, and have the opportunity to hear related words, sing, “interview” others, listen to corresponding animal sounds, and more.

Kinesthetic / Tactile learners especially enjoy the interactive teaching method which encourages them to write, trace, do sign language, draw, dance, interact with others, personalize their own cards, go on a scavenger hunt, etc.

For a complete list of learning targets covered by the Power Pack, please click here.


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